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Broadcast Studios Washington, DC

IHS Broadcast Studios Washington D.C.

IHS experts are available for live or taped television, radio, and online interviews direct from one of six in-house television studios, providing you with independent analysis and timely commentary on breaking news covering a wide range of issues, including:

  • Economic, political, and security developments in the United Kingdom, Europe,
  • Russia, Middle East, Africa, and Asia
  • Central bank rate decisions, latest macroeconomic data, and forecasts
  • Major industries around the world-automotive, energy, healthcare and pharmaceutical, telecoms, and more
  • Energy prices, as well as gas and oil project developments across the globe
  • Climate change, renewable energy, nuclear power, and other environment issues
  • Worldwide security issues, including terrorism, piracy, policing, and crime

A complete list of IHS subject matter experts is available at Experts in locations with in-house studios are indicated with:



Technical Specifications

Each studio is professionally lit and equipped with the latest high-quality camera and sound equipment. Each studio is also equipped with an ISDN line for broadcast-quality radio interviews.


Booking an Interview

After we have confirmed your interview, please contact Boston Bureau Productions (+1 617.305.7870 or for all technical arrangements and transmission bookings. Boston Bureau Productions controls our Washington, D.C. studio camera.

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