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Product Design & Supply Chain Experts

Product Design & Supply Chain Experts

  • Robert (Bob) Ineson, M.B.A.
    Managing Director, North American Natural Gas
    Mr. Robert Ineson serves as Managing Director, North American Natural Gas.
  • Thomas (Tom) Kellock
    Director, Offshore Rig Market Consulting, IHS Energy
    Mr. Tom Kellock has headed the offshore rig market consulting team since 2001.
  • Eric A. Fedewa
    Director of SupplierBusiness, IHS Automotive
    Mr. Eric Fedewa is Director of SupplierBusiness within the IHS Automotive group.
  • Firas Abi Ali
    Senior Manager, MENA, Country Risk, IHS
    Mr. Firas Abi Ali works as Senior Manager, MENA, Country Risk for IHS.
  • Rhoda Alexander
    Director, Tablets and Monitors, IHS Technology
    Ms. Rhoda Alexander serves as Director, Tablets and Monitors. She has more than 20 years of experience in system and display analysis and forecasting.
  • Raad Alkadiri, M.Phil.
    Managing Director, Petroleum Sector Risk
    Dr. Raad Alkadiri serves as Managing Director for Petroleum Sector Risk at IHS Energy.
  • Guy Anderson
    Senior Principal Analyst, IHS Jane’s Aerospace, Defence & Security

    A frequent commentator on defence industrial topics in national and international media, Mr. Anderson has analysed defense industrial policy matters for ten years. He is also business editor of Jane’s Defense Weekly. A former journalist, he has written for a series of international newspapers, including the Daily Mail and the Financial Times. Mr.

  • Evgenia Apostolopoulou, Ph.D.
    Senior Consultant, IHS Chemical
    Dr. Evgenia Apostolopoulou is Senior Consultant, IHS Chemical, where she works on single-client assignments in fertilizers and chemicals, with particular interest on urea, ammonia and nitrates.
  • Howard Archer, Ph.D.
    Chief European & U.K. Economist Senior Director, Country Analysis and Forecasting Group
    Dr. Howard Archer is Chief European and U.K. Economist of the Country Analysis and Forecasting Group, IHS Economics.
  • Krispen Atkinson
    Principal Analyst, IHS Maritime
    Mr. Krispen Atkinson is the Principal Analyst for the IHS Maritime’s Research & Analysis team.
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